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   Minimum requirements to become examiner of the EBEORL-HNS
If you wish to become an examiner of the EBEORL-HNS you should compile the following
Minimum requirements to become a new examiner of the EBEORL-HNS

1.    At least five years of clinical experience after receiving the title of specialist of ENT at a UEMS affiliated country or Fellow of the European Board of ORL-HNS

2.    Experience in training, teaching and examining in ORL-HNS

3.    Proof of current work at a UEMS affiliated country

4.    Competency at spoken ‘Medical’ English

5.    Evidence of continuing professional development e.g. publications/presentation

6.    No more than 3 years after retirement from active medical practice
7.    Submission of 2 well documented cases with clinical photographs and relevant investigations (audiograms, CT scans, MRIs...) and 5 MCQ to be evaluated by the EBE.

8.    CV and evidence of the above requirements to be sent together with the guided questions and MCQ´s.

9.   Please provide 2 letters of reference (one of them should be from your current Head of Department)

Final decision will be at the discretion of the Board
Please send the above documents to mmota@ebeorl-hns.org as soon as possible.

A committee of 3 members of the board evaluates the applications, examines the fulfillment of the above mentioned criteria and instructs the board for the acceptance or not of the applicant. Acceptance of exceptional cases of applicants that do not meet some of the above criteria must be decided by the board and receive a majority of 2/3 or more after voting.

All new examiners are obliged to attend the harmonization meeting and act as observant at the first few rounds of the oral exam and then examine under supervision. The final acceptance will come after the end of the above steps.

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